1301 Moreland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21216

Online map services mistakenly assume that St. Peter’s Cemetery can be accessed by driving down Moreland Avenue.  Instead, it must be accessed from a private alley.  Please follow the directions below.

From Baltimore:

From the Jones Falls Expressway Exit#6 [North Avenue and Mt. Royal Avenue] turn right to go WEST for approximately 1.5 miles [from that exit]

At Bentalou Street turn left [Bentalou is one block past Smallwood]. Proceed on Bentalou for two traffic lights.

After the second traffic light Presstman Street turn right at the alley street with the sign:
Emanuel Tire
Blue Ridge
McDonald’s Salvage Yard

Proceed with Caution; it is narrow and used by trucks. The cemetery will be on your left. At the cemetery gate, turn LEFT and park .

From DC or South:

Take I 95N from D.C. beltway (495).
Pass exits for Baltimore beltway (695)
Exit 95 at Washington Blvd.
at end of exit ramp, left onto Washington Blvd.
1st main intersection is Monroe St.-left onto Monroe
Take Monroe as far as you can (it becomes a 1 way street coming at you so you have to turn onto Wilkins Ave.)
Right onto Wilkins Ave. Take that one block to Fulton.
Left onto Fulton St.
Take Fulton St. through about 10 traffic lights to Edmondson Ave. (If you don’t like to count traffic lights, be alert to the moment you go over a highway and there is a large green sign facing you for route 40. Go one block beyond that highway and sign and turn left onto Edmondson)
Take Edmondson 4 traffic lights to Bentalou
Go right onto Bentalou.
On Bentalou, pass two traffic lights and then look for a commercial alley on your left. There’s a large sign announcing that the alley serves: Emanuel Tire, Blue Ridge Fuel, MacDonald Salvage Yard. The alley also serves the cemetery, though it isn’t on the sign.
Go left into that alley. You’ll see lots of truck and containers. You’ll also see, on your left, a cemetery in which there are two houses – one larger and one small. Just beyond the small gray house there is a gate into the cemetery. Come in that gate. You are here.

From NY, NJ etc., North:

take 95 to exits for 695 (Baltimore beltway)
take 1st 695 exit (i.e. heading west toward Towson)
stay with 695 about 11 miles until you come to the exit for route 83 south (this will follow, by about a mile, the exit for route 83 north)
take 83 south (aka Jones Falls Expressway or JFX)
stay with 83 south about 11 miles and exit at North Ave.
Get immediately into the right lane on the exit as you need to make a right turn onto North Ave.
Take North Ave 11 traffic lights to Bentalou St. (the street just preceding it is Smallwood)
Make a left onto Bentalou St.
On Bentalou, go through 2 traffic lights and then look for a commercial alley on your right. There is a sizeable sign on Beltalou announcing that the alley serves: Emanuel Tire, Blue Ridge Fuel and Mac Donald Salvage Yard. It also serves the cemetery but it isn’t on the sign.
Make a right turn into that alley. As soon as you do you will see the cemetery.
Come down the alley to the front of the gray stucco house. There is an entrance to the cemetery. Come in.


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