This index is an abstract from copies of three volumes titled “Record of Interments” from St. Peter the Apostle Church.  Some of the records have not yet become available to be indexed.  The missing ones are:

  • from the date of establishment of the cemetery (about 1852) through 1874;
  • between May 15 1890 through July 9 1890;
  • between July 13 1906 and April 17 1907;
  • also between November 18 1909 and January 2 1919.

The last date on the available record is December 31 1959.

Many of the entries are illegible or nearly so, because of this and the various spellings of names, each has been indexed under a “file name” which is the spelling generally found. The Baltimoe telephone directory was used as a reference for this purpose.

A question mark (?) usually means that there was some doubt about the entry or that the entry was missing. A zero (0) for the age usually means that the child was stillborn. In the

volume for the years 1919-1959 entries were not included in this index if the place of burial was shown as other than St. Peter’s Cemetery. The earlier volumes did not indicate place of burial so all such names were entered in this index.

To prepare this index it took well over 300 hours for a period of six months in 1984 and 1985. I did it in memory of Bridget Malone, my grandmother, may she rest in peace.

The index does contain other relatives of mine.  They are:


Bridget Malone Wall, born 1859 died 1896.


Thomas P Wall, born 1887, died 1887


John J Wall, born 1888, died 1889

Great grandfather:

James Malone, born 1842, died 1905

Great aunt:

Mary Malone Silberzahn, born 1871, died 1907

Great grandmother:

Bridget Malone, born 1841, died 1915. She was buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery but would have been listed in the part of the record that is missing.

Nelson E Franke



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