Index of Burial Cards of St. Peter’s Cemetery

This index was prepared from a group of seven thousand 4×6 index cards made by the cemetery workers over a period of nearly 100 years.  There are many different kinds of handwritings and many kinds of information entered on the cards. All of the cards show some of the following information but none show all of it. For example-


Home address

Date of death

Date of burial


Section & lot #

Place of death



If stillborn

Cause of death

Parents’ names

Lot holder’s name

If disinterred

Burial permit #

Male or female

Cemetery name

These cards contain many spelling errors – especially in the names. If you do not find the name you are interested in, look at variations of the spelling. For the most part I have used the spelling that I believed was shown even though I believed a different spelling to be correct.  One exception, “Michael” is consistently spelled “Micheal”.  I entered these as “Michael”.  I used “?” to indicate that the entry was totally illegible or missing.  In some instances there were two cards for the same name.  I entered both if one contained different information than the other.

The cards for which this index was prepared is only a small portion of the total number of burials in St. Peter’s cemetery. The Cemetery was established in 1851 yet there are no cards in this group earlier than 1875 and many sections missing are not represented here.

There is also an index of St. Peter’s church record of interments which contains a listing of 12039 names.

Nelson E. Franke

Research committee

Date: September 15, 1986




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